Through publishing, events and opportunities, COPY supports a network of collaborators and associates working with writing. Below are links to individuals, groups and organisations we have worked with to date.  A Field Guide to Writing, which we are currently developing with In A Word…, will map the field of experimental writing practice and profile writers, and will be open for contributions later in the year.

a-n Networking Artists Networks
AND Publishing
Andy Abbott
An Endless Supply
Huw Andrews
Alternative Strategies
Article Magazine
Fabienne Audeoud
Banner Repeater
Critical Network
Sam Curtis
East Street Arts
Rachel Lois Clapham
Emma Cocker
Amelia Crouch
In a Word…
Information as Material
Joanna Loveday
Leeds Visual Art Forum
Live Art Development Agency
Dominic Mason
Charlotte A Morgan
New Work Network
Open Dialogues
Oui Performance
Publish and be Damned
Flora Robertson
Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum
Strategies for Free Education
This is Tomorrow
Rebecca Weeks