Featuring Nathan Walker and Victoria Gray.

April  –  June 2012, live event 18th May 2012.

Approaching the BLOC Billboards as print or publication in an expanded sense, COPY invited artists Nathan Walker and Victoria Gray of O U I Performance to create printed works which incorporate a live, temporal element.

The resulting work, COPY / / ◄ DOUBLE, portrays the lens of a small glass sphere, held between thumb and index finger, through which we see a scaled down version of an obscure scene. A second image reveals a closer view yet further distorts perspective, it’s dense ambiguity serving only to expose another layer of permutations.

Intended as suspensions of gravity, time and belief, the images are inscribed with cinematic subtitles that attempt to console an interpretation of the image. As attention reverberates between image and text, text and image, we perform a dual; a conversation chimes between what is inside and outside of the frame.

As part of COPY / / ◄ DOUBLE, O U I Performance will perform an hour long durational action at Bloc Projects on Friday 18th May, which forms a dialogue between the performers and the printed images.

The work is a dialogue between O U I Performance and Krzystof Kieślowski’s La Double Vie de Veronique.

Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.